Addiction Counselling
supports and provides hope for individuals who desire freedom from their negative behavioural choice to live a better and more fulfilled life. It help the individual to identify choices and opportunities that will enable them make changes to their lifestylek
Is Your Alcohol, Drug and Gambling Behaviour...
Causing you Concern?
Affecting your Family?
Interfering with your daily life?
Resulting in Mental Health?
Self-Limiting and Negative Beliefs
Do you feel like this even among family and friends?
Isolation, Conflict, Fear, Loss, Shame, Guild, Anxiety, Depressed. Sounds familiar?
Positive Change
In Making Positive Behavioural Changes through Self-awareness and Discovery by exploring the fundamental questions of life:

Who am I?
What is really important to me?
How can I change my behaviours?

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What do I offer?

The counselling service Offers support and guidance in:

The counselling approach is both client centred and evidence-based. It is aimed at supporting the client’s needs by exploring behavioural choices and options to motivate and support living a positive life.

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